Our Reports

Who says strata reports must be boring, bland and a chore to read? Not us. We have redefined the strata inspection report to be informative, visually engaging and educational. 

Building & Lot Records

Certificate of Title, Strata Plan Registration, Unit Entitlement, Lot Area, Owners Corporation Committee Names, Strata Roll details, Mortgagee.

Insurance Records

Policy Details, Policy Coverage, Insurance Valuation, Claims.

Repairs & Maintenance

Current or Upcoming Major Works, Past Major Works, Signals of Possible Future Major Works, Other Building Matters.


Strata Manager, By-Laws, AGM and Other Meetings, State of Harmony.

Financial Records

Levies, Balances in Admin and Capital Works Funds, Income & Expenditure, Budgets, Taxation, Capital Works Fund Plan, Books of Account.


Fire Safety, Window Safety, Pool Safety, Lift Safety, 10 Year Capital Works Fund Forecast, Record Keeping. 

Defects, Pests & Safety

Work Health & Safety Report, Defects Report, Pest Control Report, Asbestos Report, Structural Engineers Report, Roof Inspection Report.


Current and Past Legal Disputes or Litigation.

Order Report

Our reports will help you rapidly identify issues that may impact the decision to proceed with a purchase. 

In addition to collating important information from hundreds of documents, we also read the minutes from all meetings going back 5 years which will usually reveal any issues with the building, the lot, the owners corporation or the strata manager.